To commemorate Emancipation Day, Shalini Puri talks with Cosmonaut Magazine about the Grenada Revolution and the unfinished project of emancipation


Isaac and Rudy join Shalini Puri, author of The Grenada Revolution in the Caribbean Present: Operation Urgent Memory and the companion website, for a discussion on the Grenadian Revolution and its legacies in both the island itself and the wider Caribbean. We cover the Revolution’s accomplishments as well as some of its pitfalls, the contradictions and mutual strengthening of Marxism and regional liberation movements, and the Revolution’s collapse. We then discuss the concepts of volcanic and stone memory, and how memories of the Revolution remain alive in the Caribbean today.

From Shalini Puri

“El problema con la recordación es que favorece a los muertos. Quizás ahora sea el momento de recordar y agradecer a los vivos.”   [“The problem with memorialization is that it favors the dead.  Perhaps it is time to remember and thank the living.”]                                                                                                                       Shalini Puri                                                                            

Pearls, Again

Pearls, Again

This March while I was in Grenada to launch my book, I went as usual to see the planes that still lie at the old airport at Pearls from the time of the Revolution.  A young boy walking by also began to contemplate them, circling around them, peering in, looking up at the wings. Continue reading

New Memoir

In June 2014, a posthumously published memoir appeared by Teddy Victor, founding member of the NJM who was later imprisoned by the Revolution but who actively campaigned to free the Grenada 17 from prison.  Deception on Conception: What Happened in Grenada 1962-1990 by Teddy Victor is available from Amazon.