The Fall



Photo by S. Puri 2009

Maurice Bishop’s home, where he was held under house arrest in the days before he was killed.

The house is viewed is from the Grenada Broadcasting Network’s premises, where the author was researching the video and music archives on the Revolution.


Oct 19 crowds and Armored Car photo(12)

Photo courtesy Ann Peters, photographer unknown

October 19, 1983: Maurice Bishop has been freed from house arrest and has made for Fort Rupert.  An army personnel carrier arrives and the crowds begin to scatter in terror and confusion.


Oct 19 Fort Ops Room photo(11)Photo courtesy Ann Peters, photographer unknown

October 19, 1983: Crowds pack the balcony outside the Operations Room at Fort Rupert in support of Maurice Bishop

A note on the banner images:

The photographs in the banners of pages throughout this website are of the abandoned Cubana and Aeroflot planes on the old airfield at Pearls.  The planes have been there since the time of the Revolution.   Seeing the abandoned planes, which embody the traces of a history that is present but largely ignored, inspired the approach the author took in the book.  The photographs were taken by the author over a period of several years.