The most comprehensive online resource on the Grenada Revolution:

“Cuba y Granada: Amigos para siempre.”  Shalini Puri,  22 junio 2015.                                         –– Catalejo, el blog de Temas                                                                                                                                 

A Cuban take on the U.S. invasion and Cuba’s role during that time: May 2015

Commentary on the legacy and lessons of the Grenada Revolution: March 2015

Inaugural March 13 lecture:  March 16, 2015.

“The Grenada Revolution and the Current Foreign Policy Challenges of Small Island States” by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit of Dominica.  Organizers: Grenada Revolution Memorial Foundation.

A project on cultural memory and the arts:  OPEN CALL TO CONTRIBUTE!!

Groundation Grenada in collaboration with ARC Magazine is inviting entries to ‘Forgetting is Not an Option’, a multimedia cultural memory project about the events and experiences surrounding the Grenada Revolution 1979-83. With an awareness that Grenada’s revolution is linked other radical movements and philosophies, submissions from across the Caribbean, its diasporas, Africa and the African diaspora are encouraged.

The selected works will culminate in an interactive virtual archive, which will launch in March 2016 alongside a series of exhibitions and live events. We welcome written, visual, audio/music, performance and mixed media entries.

The politics of Memory: Reflections on the Global South

An eyewitness blog from October 1983

Photographs by Kathy Sloane, 1983

A selection of Maurice Bishop and Grenada Revolution tributes on youtube


Declassified Transcript of Phone Conversation in which Reagan informed British PM Margaret Thatcher that invasion of Grenada was underway