Early Days



Photo courtesy Grenada National Museum

Photo courtesy Grenada National Museum

The People’s Trial of Lord Brownlow held under an almond tree at La Sagesse Estate in 1973 with Maurice Bishop representing the people. The trial and conviction of Lord Brownlow, the expatriate Englishman who had prohibited public access to the beach of La Sagesse estate, was a key moment in consolidating popular support for the New Jewel Movement.



Photo courtesy Grenada National Museum

An elderly woman from Carriacou greets Maurice Bishop fondly. This photograph became an iconic expression of the affection that the people of Grenada felt for Maurice Bishop.



Photo courtesy Grenada National Museum

Michael Manley from Jamaica and Daniel Ortega from Nicaragua tour the island with Maurice Bishop.



Photo courtesy Pablo Sylvester

A youth group performs during the Revolution.



Photo courtesy Grenada National Museum

Packed! The people turn out en masse for a rally during the Revolution.


Photo courtesy Pablo Sylvester

The cast and director of “From Camerhogne They Came,” a history of Grenada produced and performed during the Revolution



Photo courtesy Alamy Images

A mural with the Revolution’s slogan.


A note on the banner images:

The photographs in the banners of pages throughout this website are of the abandoned Cubana and Aeroflot planes on the old airfield at Pearls.  The planes have been there since the time of the Revolution.   Seeing the abandoned planes, which embody the traces of a history that is present but largely ignored, inspired the approach the author took in the book.  The photographs were taken by the author over a period of several years.