The Invasion

Figure 5.1 Puriphoto18 1280px-Explosion2_during_Grenada_invasion_1983_300 dpi copyPhoto courtesy US Department of Defense

The US bombs Calivigny, Grenada



Photo courtesy US Department of Defense/National Archives

Troops are offloaded from US Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters onto the runway at Point Salines Airfield.



Photo by:

 Photo by S. Puri 2009

The ruins of the mental hospital near Fort Matthew.  The mental hospital was bombed by the US during the invasion.

Comic Book-01

Propaganda Comic distributed by the US after the invasion

The complete comic book can be found at:


Che Image

Che Guevara in transit from revolutionary icon to spoil of war.

Despite extensive research, we have been unable to identify the photographer of this image; if you know who the photographer is, we would be grateful if you would contact the author.


A note on the banner images:

The photographs in the banners of pages throughout this website are of the abandoned Cubana and Aeroflot planes on the old airfield at Pearls.  The planes have been there since the time of the Revolution.   Seeing the abandoned planes, which embody the traces of a history that is present but largely ignored, inspired the approach the author took in the book.  The photographs were taken by the author over a period of several years.