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Photo courtesy Grenada National Museum

Photo courtesy Grenada National Museum

The People’s Trial of Lord Brownlow held under an almond tree at La Sagesse Estate in 1973 with Maurice Bishop representing the people. The trial and conviction of Lord Brownlow, the expatriate Englishman who had prohibited public access to the beach of La Sagesse estate, was a key moment in consolidating popular support for the New Jewel Movement.


Photo courtesy Grenada National Museum

An elderly woman from Carriacou greets Maurice Bishop fondly. This photograph became an iconic expression of the affection that the people of Grenada felt for Maurice Bishop.

pm-michael-manley-pm-bishop-presiden-daniel-ortega-copyPhoto courtesy Grenada National Museum

Michael Manley from Jamaica and Daniel Ortega from Nicaragua tour the island with Maurice Bishop.

DSC04160Photo courtesy Pablo Sylvester

A youth group performs during the Revolution.

revolution-rallyPhoto courtesy Grenada National Museum

Packed! The people turn out en masse for a rally during the Revolution.

DSC04169Photo courtesy Pablo Sylvester

The cast and director of “From Camerhogne They Came,” a history of Grenada produced and performed during the Revolution

A7ARG4Photo courtesy Alamy Images

A mural with the Revolution’s slogan.



Photo by S. Puri 2009

Maurice Bishop’s home, where he was held under house arrest in the days before he was killed.

The house is viewed is from the Grenada Broadcasting Network’s premises, where the author was researching the video and music archives on the Revolution.

Oct 19 crowds and Armored Car photo(12)Photo courtesy Ann Peters, photographer unknown

October 19, 1983: Maurice Bishop has been freed from house arrest and has made for Fort Rupert.  An army personnel carrier arrives and the crowds begin to scatter in terror and confusion.

Oct 19 Fort Ops Room photo(11)Photo courtesy Ann Peters, photographer unknown

October 19, 1983: Crowds pack the balcony outside the Operations Room at Fort Rupert in support of Maurice Bishop


Figure 5.1 Puriphoto18 1280px-Explosion2_during_Grenada_invasion_1983_300 dpi copyPhoto courtesy US Department of Defense

The US bombs Calivigny, Grenada

URGENT FURYPhoto courtesy US Department of Defense/National Archives

Troops are offloaded from US Army UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters onto the runway at Point Salines Airfield.

URGENT FURYPhoto by JO1 Peter D. Sundberg 1983

A member of the Peoples Revolutionary Army is searched by Marines after his capture during Operation URGENT FURY. A member of the Navy Combat Camera Team, films the procedure.

 Photo by S. Puri 2009

The ruins of the mental hospital near Fort Matthew.  The mental hospital was bombed by the US during the invasion.

Comic Book-01

Propaganda Comic distributed by the US after the invasion

The complete comic book can be found at:

Che ImagePhotographer unknown

Che Guevara in transit from revolutionary icon to spoil of war.

Despite extensive research, we have been unable to identify the photographer of this image; if you know who the photographer is, we would be grateful if you would contact the author.



Photo by S. Puri 2007

Graffiti on the wall at Fort Rupert/Fort George, where Maurice Bishop was shot dead


Photo by S. Puri 2012

Stained glass window at US military base Fort Bragg, Home of the 82nd Airborne.  Wood Memorial Chapel at Fort Bragg features stained glass windows representing many US invasions.  This one represents Operation Urgent Fury.

La CasonaPhoto by Javier Labrador

Near the airport, the ruins of “La Casona,” the residence in which some Cuban internationalist advisors would stay.

dsc04218_2013Photo by S. Puri 2013

Entrance to the Maurice Bishop International Airport, so re-named on May 29, 2009 after many years of pressure.



A US serviceman stands in front of a Soviet An-2 aircraft seized at Pearls Airport during the multiservice, multinational Operation URGENT FURY. Photographer's Name: Unknown Location: Date Shot: 10/28/1983 Date Posted: unknown VIRIN: DF-SN-84-10731Photo courtesy Department of Defence October 1983

A US serviceman stands in front of a Soviet An-2 aircraft seized at Pearls Airport during the multiservice, multinational Operation URGENT FURY.

Below: the same plane decades later, in 2009 and 2015.

dsc00279Photo by Puri 2009

IMG_0775Photo by Puri 2015

IMG_0765Photo by Puri 2015


Photo by Puri 2013

Cubana Plane at Pearls Airport

IMG_0782Photo by Elwin James 2015

The author holds a piece of disintegrating wing that was lying on the grass.

The photographs of airplanes appearing as banner images throughout this website are of the abandoned Cubana and Aeroflot planes on the old airfield at Pearls.  The planes have been there since the time of the Revolution.   Seeing the abandoned planes, which embody the traces of a history that is present but largely ignored, inspired the approach the author took in the book. Most photographs of the plane were taken by the author over a period of several years.