Flying Turkey, “Freedom Day” (1981):

Flying Turkey aka Cecil Belfon currently runs an online Grenada Market:

Forward March,” the anthem of the Grenada Revolution:


Flying Turkey, “Innocent Blood” (1981):


Maurice Bishop’s Hunter College Speech, 1983, a few months before his assassination:

General Hudson Austin’s Radio Address on October 19, 1983, after Maurice Bishop’s assassination:

Scorpion’s calypso “The Plain Truth” about October 19, 1983 and the Grenada Revolution:

Livingston Nelson’s reggae poem on the rise and fall of the Grenada Revolution:

Excerpt from Dave Lippman’s “They’re Setting a Bad Example” (1987):

Excerpts from Dave Martins and the Trade Winds’ “Cuban in Grenada”:

Excerpts from Black Wizard’s calypso “All Must Answer” (2008), a critical commentary on the US invasion:

A CD selection of Black Wizard’s calypsoes can be purchased by contacting the author.

Scaramouche in 2013 sings (without accompaniment) his 1984 calypso “Music” praising the US invasion:

Song sung by schoolchildren at the renaming ceremony of the Maurice Bishop International Airport, May 29, 2009: