13 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. Thank you for writing your book. The more I read and re-read it, the more valuable it becomes. Your labour of love is quite extraordinary and a source of historic preservation for the Grenadian people. As the 19th approaches, I wanted to reach out and say that your work speaks for itself and for a generation of Grenadians who are still living with open wounds (including members of my family). Your book is a reminder of the trauma experienced but most importantly, it opens spaces of/for healing.

    With sincerity,
    -Atiba L. Rougier

  2. Been following this project ever since a friend, A, over at freshmilk Barbados, introduced me to your work and I was able to find video of a lecture you did at the UPR some years ago. As part-Cuban, having grown up in the US, and a Caribbeanist, I find this entire project tremendously important, can’t wait to pick up the book and spread the word, congratulations Shalini Puri!

    • Btw I’m an Engineering grad student at CU Boulder and a member of the Caribbean Students Alliance here. Only today I just got notice that the author lectured on the topic here. I am so sorry that I missed it.

  3. Terrific website – loved the reggae poem! Wish the book the resounding success it deserves.

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