Remembrance and Reminders



Photo by S. Puri 2007

Grafitti on the wall at Fort Rupert/Fort George, where Maurice Bishop was shot dead



Photo by S. Puri 2012

Stained glass window at US military base Fort Bragg, Home of the 82nd Airborne.  Wood Memorial Chapel at Fort Bragg features stained glass windows representing many US invasions.  This one represents Operation Urgent Fury.



Photo by Javier Labrador

Near the airport, the ruins of “La Casona,” the residence in which some Cuban internationalist advisors would stay.



Photo by S. Puri 2013

Entrance to the Maurice Bishop International Airport, so re-named on May 29, 2009 after many years of pressure.


A note on the banner images:

The photographs in the banners of pages throughout this website are of the abandoned Cubana and Aeroflot planes on the old airfield at Pearls.  The planes have been there since the time of the Revolution.   Seeing the abandoned planes, which embody the traces of a history that is present but largely ignored, inspired the approach the author took in the book.  The photographs were taken by the author over a period of several years.